Git - Using Bisect to find broken commits

Why Git Bisect is pretty awesome

As almost every single project I've worked on has used Git for version control I've come to quickly realise just how powerful - and confusing - it can be. Recently at work a bug was found which was not present in the previous release, our test suite didn't detect the issue and we weren't aware of any changes that could have broken that functionality. [Read More]

Python - A little bit about List

Why lists are pretty awesome

Python has a “batteries included” philosophy as demonstrated with its extensive standard library and included modules. One part of the standard library that I use very often are iterators, or more specifically, lists. Here I’m going to explain a bit about lists in Python and why they’re awesome. [Read More]

Linux Command Cookbook

Linux commands I find useful

I’m a big fan of the O’Reilly Cookbook series as useful reference material covering hundreds of ready-to-use copy-and-paste examples to solve problems. So I’m following in their footsteps in writing tried and tested “recipes” that I’ve found useful and/or often use. [Read More]